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Welcome to Polish Potter Market!

The present high standing of Polish Pottery from Boleslawiec stems from the seven centuries of work of local craftsmen and artists of pottery. Even though old pottery hardly resembled modern ceramics, both archeologists and contemporary tradesmen easily distinguish Boleslawiec Polish Ceramics from products of lesser quality. Despite the fact that only those affluent enough could afford the purchase of deluxe Boleslawiec Pottery, the fame of Boleslawiec in Poland extends well over several centuries.

The oldest existant pieces of Polish Stoneware are dated back to the first half of the 16th Century and bear distinctive features of the Renaissance style. The technique of decorating underneath the glaze begins with the age of Baroque. With this technique, decorations in the form of branches, flower, birds and religious motives were introduced onto the product before the process of burning and by means of special punches and only then the ornamented piece was covered with glaze. Often, Polish Pottery ordered by magnates and royalty was decorated with their coats of arms. For example, the pottery made especially for Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, was decorated with his initials and the crown.

Growing popularity of Boleslawiec Pottery stimulated demand, which in turn led to the growing number of manufacturers to produce the pottery. There were already 15 ceramic workshops in Boleslawiec at the beginning of the 19th century. At the same time, the insistence of royal administration led to the emergence of a tendency to alter traditional forms of Boleslawiec Ceramics in order to make it resemble the then fashionable china. Nevertheless, most of the manufacturers showed considerable resistance to this trend and retained original well-established patterns featured by relatively thick walls and the resulting softness of lines. Punch technique remained the basic decorative style.

The rising fame of the original Boleslawiec Ceramics, which differed in style from china and yet considered equally refined, made it possible to increase the volumes of production and, consequently, in the middle of the 19th century, Boleslawiec became the center of ceramic the industry in central Europe. In the year 1844, the Polish stoneware from Jan Gottlieb Altmann's manufacturer was awarded the Golden Medal on the prestigious exhibition in London. This valuable award boosted the fame of Bunzlauer Ceramics and confirmed the already high standing of this type of ceramics in European markets.

In our Polish Pottery Wholesale, you will find a great selection of bowls from little dipping bowls, through small and medium serving bowls, up to large scalloped or mixing Boleslawiec bowls.

Polish Stoneware is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. It is also lead and cadmium-free, and chip-resistant. We offer a huge variety of baking dishes in all sizes, such as: rectangular baking dishes, casserole baking dishes with lid and many more. Additionally, all Polish pottery dishes are covered with glaze, which makes them extremely easy to wash, since nothing sticks to it. Our store offers a great variety of dinnerware in our fabulous kitchen and table category, including products like salt and pepper shakers, vinegar and olive oil decanter sets and napkin holders. We must also mention our egg cups, which are ideal for serving soft boiled eggs. We offer an array of coffee pots and mugs, as well as beautiful pitchers on special discount.

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